Dianna Frid
Desbordar, 2018
78 inches x 60 inches
embroidery floss, aluminum, paint, paper, canvas

Adam Scott
Chromium Dream, 2018
acrylic on canvas
56 x 52 inches

Jean Alexander Frater
Harnessed Saturation, 2018
acrylic on torn canvas
13 x 11 inches

Morgan Sims
Diamond, 2015
Acrylic on linen

Matt Irie
Collages acrylic latex on panel
44x 32 inches

Gina Hunt
Ultra Violet Scope, 2016
27” x 20”
Laser-cut chiffon, acrylic on PVC mesh, and painted wooden frames 

Matthew Metzger
GUARD (version 4), 2012
Acrylic and oil on MRMDF
24 1/4 x 28 inches

NoNonchalant: Abstraction by 10 Chicago Artists

September 21 – November 21, 2018

Alan Koppel Gallery is thrilled to welcome ten Chicago contemporary artists to the gallery in our upcoming exhibition NoNonchalant, opening Friday, September 21, 2018.


NoNonchalant presents a study of contemporary abstract art in Chicago. The artists represented in the exhibition have committed extraordinary efforts in exploring new means of abstraction, whether in the alteration of the chemical composition of the paint used, or the shredding and re-weaving of the canvas, or the irreverent application of materials. Battling the common misconception that abstract art is void of content, these ten artists build their work on purposeful actions, historical context, and shocking experimentation. NoNonchalant argues the case for high art and the essential sensitivity of dedicated viewers to dig deep in their exploration of the meaning of these artworks.


The ten artists included in the exhibition all live, work and teach in the Chicago area.
George Blaha: www.georgeblaha.com
Daniel Bruttig:  www.danielbruttig.com
Jean Alexander Frater:  www.alexanderfrater.com
Dianna Frid: www.diannafrid.net
Gina Hunt: www.gina-hunt.com
Matt Irie: www.mattirie.com
Jonah Koppel: www.klausgallery.com/artist/jonah-koppel
Matthew Metzger:  www.matthew-metzger.com
Adam Scott:  www.adamscottstudio.com
Morgan Sims: www.morgan-sims.com


Join us for the opening reception on Friday, September 21 from 6:00 - 9:00 pm.
The exhibition will run through November 21, 2018.